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Man. I know most of that but not all of it.

Your spirit in spite of everything just renews good feelings for me toward the world in general.

You really are a special woman and I am soooo rooting for you.


Wow, what a story. I am so sorry for everything that you are going through and have been through.
My story is as follows:
3 IUI's, 1st IVF - no fert, 2nd IVF - BFP, m/c 8 weeks (devastation), 3rd IVF- BFN, 4th IVF with ZIFT - BFN, 5th IVF DE cycle - BFN, 3 donors later - 1 got a blood disease, 1 took the 3 mth contraceptive injection and the other just didnt have a good vibe and we pulled out. 6th cycle coming up in Dec with DE from a friend. Tune in to my blog to see what happens next:


***Warning: adoption mentioned.***

Interesting. My response to your "I'm done" post on IVFC was like Lisa's: no you are not. I just wasn't sure that's what you wanted to hear. Come to think of it, given the Ambien situation...well, forgive me if I already said this on IVFC...

When we flew down to Texas to pick up my daughter, I said: "After 8 failed IVF attempts and 2 adoption fall-throughs, this is IT. If this prospective birthmother changes her mind, I am DONE. If only two of us fly back to DC, that's all there will ever be." Bullshit. There could/would have been more trips to meet more babies who may or may not have been ours. However many it took. If someone had asked me, "So you're giving up if this one doesn't work out?" I would have said yes. If they'd pressed me, though--I mean, really really pressed me about whether I was absolutely, positively done, I think I might have eeked out a "no."

Being done is fine. It’s the right decision for a lot of people. I am not judging you--or even encouraging you--either way. I am just saying that, in my humble opinion (and of course it truly is **just my little ole opinion**), you are probably not done.

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