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hello sunshine-
so glad to see this marathon update!
i am happy to know you will continue to update occasionally.
things sound like they are going very well- normal, not too many bumps in the road!

take care!

i love you, sunshine!

i absolutely love reading your inner most thoughts and unique perspective on absolutely everything. thank you for sharing so openly and honestly! you will always be an inspiration!


keep on posting! glad to see all is going well and loved that you cleared your phone!

sunshine follower

Great update! So glad things are going so well. When you get a chance update us on how the babies are doing!! Are they walking? Saying any words? All the gory details!! :)


Glad to hear from you and that things are going well. I'm going to email you about your multiples club :)


Love that you're back!!! So glad that you are doing so well! BTW the FET is not scheduled yet, still waiting approval (fingers crossed) We will talk soon xoxoxo

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