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Mic @ IF Crossroads

Yup. I get it. At 13 months, I'm still struggling everyday. I feel like I am the suckiest mom in the world - even though I know that isn't the truth. But I get it. I'm still scared beyond belief in a million different ways and I don't know how to explain it. Just wanted you to know you aren't alone.

Mic @ IF Crossroads

And I wanted to add, I think DH sees in in me as well, and that might be part of why he's kinds hesitating about going on this roller-coaster again. How's that for reassurance that I'm screwed up?


There isn't a day that goes by that I don't feel like I could/should be a better Mother. I know my little guy is well taken care of and loved but, still there is always that nagging feeling. He'll be 2 in October so I guess those doubts and worrys probably never leave.


Well the cockroach on the baby thing got me thinking. She felt grossed out by the cockroach, but it's a fairly harmless creature in fact. Would she have leapt across and grabbed it off her baby if it was e.g. a tarantula? I doubt it. I once read a story about a mom who found her baby in the kitchen playing with a deadly snake. The snake didn't seem concerned at all (but that's beside the point). She wasn't exactly going to leap in and pull the snake away! I would say we probably have these innate instincts to shy away from creepy things for a reason... and it's normal and natural! I'm pretty sure that you are an incredible mom, and this feeling inadequate thing is completely part of the package for the next 20 years or so ;-)


Yep -- you are a great mom, and the fact that you are agonizing and questioning the fact is the proof. From what I hear, this goes on until our last day on earth.

As for wasps and instinct, etc -- I think it is completely natural to be horrified. In fact, B got stung by a bee on her chin the other week. She was crying, Mike and I picked her up to see why - and I saw the bee on her shoulder. I screeched and ducked, Mike flicked it away. Then I took B and he went and found the bee on the floor and got rid of it. I felt bad that I left the dirty work to him. But I do think that if I were alone I would've managed to help her on my own. It's part of the "do what we have to do" thing. And believe me, if I don't HAVE to handle a bee or wasp, I won't!

On the other hand, my grandma used to make my mom kill the bugs for HER. And she made my mom and my uncle (when they were kids but not tiny) go into the dark house alone in the evening to "check for burglars" or some such, while she waited outside with my aunt until they got the all-clear. True story! Now my mom is a great bug killer and she's not afraid of the dark. Not sure what to make of all that!

Much love!

Nancy aka samsmom

Not a day goes by that I don't question if I can be a better mom. And trust me when push comes to shove - you will be able to do it whether its a wasp or for me, vomit. We all have our "thing" that we can't stand for whatever reason and when its our kid, we find a way to overcome.


Sunshine my twins are 3 yrs 3 mon old and I still have the same feelings. I know I am doing the best I can but that "background" noise is somewhat disturbing. Then I think of things that are fun that might make a special memory for them or me or us like this Sunday we made frosting for the 1st time together. And for those precious moments it was like it is suppossed to be. No doubts no other feelings. You are doing a great job. You just have to wait a little to make frosting together and get your own feedback.
I love your blog and your honesty.


why do you continue to be so hard on yourself? You are a great mom -- a mom of twins no less!

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