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Wow. Wow. Wow. The more I read, especially from surros and IPs who were or almost were clients of theirs, the more speechlessly outraged I get.


Thanks for sharing your story. I can't believe how closely linked you are to them! I'm terrified that there are people out there like that. It makes me sick.


O.M.G!!! I can't even.... there or no words... I feel sick! HOW could they do this? This is definitely a black eye for the IF community!! It also made me sick to see how connected to these people you were. I'm glad you ask a lot of questions!!!!! My blood is definitely boiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is just beyond comprehensible. The thing I can't get over is the conscience side of things... how on earth were these people expecting to live with themselves? I met someone who has done life coaching in prisons, and he said that nobody in prison believes they should be there. Nobody believes that what they did was wrong enough for them to be incarcerated... including a guy who shot his friend in the head while they were driving and disagreed about something! So they must have somehow justified this to themselves?


As you already know I am in shock and am disgusted that I am a part of a community that these women exist. Given that I and my IF's were directly involved with them makes my stomach turn. "Carla" should (as well as) the other surros or should I say scamers ,be indited as well. I have learned some very disturbing things about Heather (the surro that did the interview on Today) she needs to be in jail, she KNEW what was going on and simply did not care,gross.....I could go on and on.


TC- I know, I feel exactly the same as you. I read Heather's thread as well, I have my own opinions, but I won't talk about that here because I feel it's not my place. I'm going to post some other great blogs on the next post!!


holy shi*t balls on so many levels. Sorry to be so crude, but I am so astounded by this and how close it hit to home for you.


Thanks for linking to my post on this! I can't believe how close you came to being involved. Whew! I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around how they could do something so stupid and illegal.

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