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Without a shadow of a doubt you should contact them. My dad had someone attempt to defraud him a few years ago, and the court case is probably only going to take place in a few years time (there are 300 victims and potential victims). The public prosecutor has already contacted me to ask if I will testify in my father's place, so really, even attempted fraud is a crime and should be reported, and can be used in sentencing etc. This is very likely why this woman plead guilty because of the overwhelming evidence that would come to the fore. DEFINITELY contact them!


i can't believe how close you were (are) to this scandal. the reading i have done about it makes my jaw drop. i am so glad you were spared direct involvement... i feel so uneasy about the whole story- its not anything about the couples, the babies that were created, the carriers... none of them did anything wrong, but its the 3 women- they knew what they were doing was wrong and illegal, and frankly, would cause harm to the IF/surrogacy community if found out.

your emails are probably worth showing to somebody, i agree.

aside from all of this, i hope you are doing well- feeling good, enjoying those sweeties, keeping busy!

any new pictures?!


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