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I have nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award
I will comment on your post later, I need to find the right words, as you know I have also been through a second trimester loss, for now sending you lots of love.


How beautiful and comforting to know that your two beloved Davids sleep together throughout eternity. Wishing you comfort and peace and sending much love.


Sunshine, that was a beautiful tribute. I'm thinking of you with lots of love and wishing you strength to get through this time. I know this won't "go away" and you won't "get over it," but I hope that the passing of the due date will help ease this process for you, even if just a little. I, too, choose to believe that he knew only your love and comfort in his sweet, too-short life. *hugs*


Sunshine, what a moving and beautiful post/tribute to D.I.J. Yes, it made me cry.
I'm sending you and Lance love, hugs and strength and peace today and always.


hello poppet,

what a beautiful post on such a sad day. I wish I knew why some babies are so sick. we've just spent a fortnight with friends whose children come out 'wonky' (v. v. autistic, both of them). you may remember that we had to stop the heart of a baby at 12 weeks with an injection bc of a defect. it all sucks. sucks. sucks.

nothing will every make up for your loss, and this will always be a day to be remembered. But David was loved, from birth to death, cared for and caressed. If only we could all say that ... I'm glad you have a particular place to remember him and that he is joined with his namesake. well done you. rituals matter.

much love,



(((HUGS))) Everything that I have told you still hold true.. You are the bravest, strongest, loving, giving, compassionate, take charge women I have ever known. D.I.J will remain in a special place in my heart. You have opened my eyes to see what IM's like yourself have gone through to become a mother, and for this I am eternally grateful. It has made me a better GC and person.. I LOVE you.


You, Lance, and you son are in my thoughts this weekend. I know what a sad and surreal time this must be for you and my heart aches thinking about it.


Been thinking of you this weekend... I hope with this beautiful tribute to your son, you can begin the healing process and find peace. Now onto what you have to look forward to: this upcoming cycle shall be it! Fingers and toes crossed.


Oh sweetie, I am so sorry. Thinking about you guys and sending peace of heart.


Hun, I am so sorry. What a beautiful way to remember your son. Sending you love & healing today.



Remembering your son today with you all. Please know that you're not alone in this journey.


What a beautiful burial ceremony. That is simply breathtaking.


Remembering with you. Remembering, most importantly, that he was and is always loved.


He was so loved, and that is so obvious in this post.


Aunt Becky

Sending you love, light and peace. He knew how you loved him, always.


You are so special. Tissues, boy do I need them. I think of you all the time. I wish peace for your Davids and for you and Lance. I can only imagine how hard the 15th was for you, dear Sunshine.


Sunshine, I wish you and Lance the best and some healing time. I am convinced that he knew how much he was loved and wanted by you. I am glad you and Lance have this special place to connect with him.


Hi Sunshine,
D.I.J knew that you loved him, he knew that you wanted him and he knew that you would have done anything you could to save him. Even in the midst of our absolute fear and terror when we are too scared to even admit/believe that it could end well for us, our babies felt our immenselove for them. D.I.J felt your love above everything and now he is safely with David. We try to put so much guilt on ourselves because we just don't understand why it all went so wrong. We wanted those babies so much that we cannot help but feel why did we not protect them, but we have to understand that sometimes there is no explanation, very bad things happen to good people. The rituals are very important, they help us attain measure of closure. We planted 2 rose trees, when I look at them I remember my 2 precious children.

Sending you love.


I am so sorry for your loss.

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